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How do I know that my husband is writing to others? Many women are looking for an answer to him in a full and adequate way. The marital relationship often experiences some apathy and coldness, especially after a long period of marriage has passed, or in the event of problems and disputes between the spouses, but often the water returns to its course. As they say, the relationship is deterred as it was or better, but sometimes the wife may feel that her husband knows another woman, and he corresponds with her or talks to her, and in the reference site we learn about the most important ways in which the wife can confirm or deny these suspicions.

How do I know if my husband is texting someone else?

The wife, by the nature that God created for her, is emotional and has a delicate sense, and she senses a little change in feelings and feelings, especially if the feelings of the husband and the companion of life, and there are a number of signs through which the wife can get an answer to the question of how do I know that my husband is texting others and they are as follows :

  • Absenteeism a lot outside the home after work hours without convincing reasons.
  • The husband’s mood and behavior at home changed, and he did not accept things he used to accept and did not comment on before that.
  • Avoid using the phone in front of the wife in many situations, or turning off the phone immediately after hearing the ringing and not answering.
  • The apparent contradictions in the husband’s justifications for the reason for his frequent lateness or absence from home.
  • The wife’s feeling of coldness in her husband’s feelings and lack of warmth in feelings, unlike what she used to feel in the past.
  • The husband’s behavior and his way of expressing his feelings and love has changed. Some husbands are not very inclined to romantic words, but the wife sees the effect of his love for her in his actions and actions. Other men like to express feelings and direct gentle words to the wife. Husband’s heart changed.
  • Making up flimsy and unreal reasons so he can get out of the house and spend more time outside.
  • The coldness in the marital relationship and the husband’s lack of desire to ask the wife to bed in an unusual way.

I doubt my husband, how can I be sure?

The wife is by nature jealous and is also very suspicious, but in the event that there is no reason for that doubt, it is within the natural limits that do not affect her relationship with the husband, but in the event that there is cause for that doubt from changes in the husband or his behavior, the doubt turns into a strong conjecture and then results He has to change the behavior and reaction of the wife as well. Here are the most prominent signs that may increase the wife’s suspicion of the husband’s relationship with another woman:

Attention to appearance and elegant dress

Many men in their nature love elegance and wear elegant and harmonious clothes, and this is not a problem with it, but the problem is if the husband is one of the ordinary personalities who usually do not exaggerate attention to their external appearance and elegance, and wears what was attended without scrutiny, and suddenly changes to exaggerated attention to his external appearance in front of People choose elegant, attractive, harmonious colors and put perfumes and scents in an unusual way, here the wife may suspect and increase her suspicion that he knows another woman.

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Asceticism in the marital relationship

The principle is that a man marries basically in order to absolve himself and his eyes from women and what is forbidden, so the one who asks for the marital relationship is the man and not the woman in most cases, but if the wife sees that her husband does not ask her for bed or asks for her at intervals apart from his habit, then this It may indicate that his mind is preoccupied with others and this woman’s control over his attention.

Over-criticism and behavior change

If the husband gets to know another woman, his wife’s flaws begin to appear in front of him and swell after he could hardly see her or pay attention to her. His nervousness at home and his anger, or he is more preoccupied with communication sites than before, but bearing in mind that many men are their original nature, the husband may be nervous by nature or critics notice changes and defects, so the wife must adapt to him and not suspect him.

How do you know that your husband is in his life another unit?

The wife can notice a number of changes in the nature and behavior of the husband and then believe that there is another woman in his life, and these behaviors include the following:[1]

  • Show signs of love to the wife, other than the husband’s habit and nature known to the woman.
  • A woman’s feeling of artificial feelings in speech and flirtation.
  • The husband’s lack of desire to sit a lot with his wife or to chat and talk to her in a way that is not his habit and nature.
  • Avoid going out with the wife alone and seeing people, especially in social situations
  • The changes that occur in the husband’s behavior are different from his habit and the nature that the wife knows. Another woman so as not to wrong the husband.

My husband is texting a unit on WhatsApp

Social media has become a means of illicit relationships, marital infidelity and the ease of identifying women, and WhatsApp comes at the top of these means, through which the husband can add the number of another woman and communicate with her through conversations, video clips or voice completely free and safe, especially if the husband makes his phone a secret number Or a key with a fingerprint, and there are signs that may indicate that the husband knows another woman, but it does not confirm this, including the following:

  • The husband’s interest in sitting on the phone and checking the messages contained therein, unlike his usual interest in him.
  • Hold the phone immediately upon hearing the notification of the arrival of messages via WhatsApp.
  • Changing the personal picture of WhatsApp and changing the status to words of kindness and expressive of love and life.
  • Putting a personal picture of him in WhatsApp, in which he is in full elegance and attractive appearance.
  • Avoid opening the phone in front of the wife or flipping the WhatsApp in front of her.
  • Sitting secludedly away from family members, holding the phone and the cell phone, and constantly flipping through it.

How do I know that my husband is talking to someone else?

It is important before proceeding with the issue of following the husband to make sure that he does not know another woman or that he is talking to another woman, to emphasize that he is not drawn into unfounded doubts, which are often at the root of their truth, illusions and unneeded suspicions. Excessive doubt affects the lives of both men and women and may lead to Until the end of the married life between them, and the possibility of the husband talking to another woman can be identified by the following signs:

  • Unusually many incoming calls to the husband on his phone.
  • Stay away in a lot of calls from the wife and family and try to be alone during that.
  • The wife’s feeling of the husband’s cold feelings and his failure to take care of her and follow her.
  • Lots of disagreements between spouses and criticism over trivial matters that are not deserved.

Signs of a husband’s love for another woman

There are a number of signs from which a woman can know that her husband loves another woman, but these signs do not necessarily express the husband’s love for another, it may be his personal nature as well or circumstances at work that you find push him to some of these behaviors, so he should be careful not to Unexplained problems occur, and these possible signs include:

  • Attempting to make the wife feel safe and exaggerating talk about love and adoration against the nature of the husband.
  • The husband feels guilt towards the wife, so he tries to get rid of it by giving gifts and also giving money, which is unusual for him.
  • Talking a lot alone on the phone and being alone during that, on the pretext of work or personal calls.
  • The husband’s mood changes without apparent reasons such as sudden happiness and exaggerated optimism, other than the normal sedate nature of the husband, for example.

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My husband loves others, how do I deal with him?

If the wife is sure that her husband loves another woman, there are a number of things that she can do in an attempt to get out of this problem that may threaten her life with him, including the following:

  • Being ignorant at first and not informing the husband that she knows his relationship with others.
  • Getting close to the husband and wooing him by knowing what he loves and what he does, and what makes him angry and abandoning him.
  • Notifying the husband that he is the first priority in her life before her home and her children, and that he is the foundation in the family.
  • A woman’s interest in her elegance, beauty and adornment for her husband.
  • Invite him to bed if you notice repulsions and alienation from them, and be patient with that.

How do you know that your husband does not want you?

It is important for a woman to inspect the feelings of a wife and to be keen on making him happy and satisfied in all matters in her life, and there are things that may be a warning signal that the husband has begun to despise the wife and does not want her, and then she must hurry to modify her behavior and her relationship with her husband, and the following are the most prominent signs on That Zod does not want you:

  • Going out a lot and staying outside for longer periods than usual.
  • Leave the brown and talk with the wife and avoid it as much as possible.
  • Asceticism in going out with the wife alone, unlike his nature, who was loving to go out and take a walk with the wife.
  • He left criticizing the wife on matters that he usually commented on, which may indicate his neglect of his wife and his unwillingness to modify her behavior.
  • Cold feelings towards the wife, which is something the wife knows by her inner feelings and feelings.

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How do I know that my husband truly loves me?

A husband’s love for his wife is the most that a woman desires from her husband. As it is said, he despairs of women’s love, so the woman is constantly keen to lose her position with the husband and know the extent of his love for her in his heart, which does not change with the change of years and age, so the woman remains the The woman remains the man, and the following are the most prominent signs that show that the husband truly loves his wife:

  • Respecting and appreciating women sincerely in front of people and in front of the family and family environment.
  • Praise her in front of his family, as well as expressing thanks and gratitude to her family for the gift they gave him.
  • Paying attention to the wife’s pain, grief for her grief, being affected by her anger, and being keen on her satisfaction.
  • Getting close to her and love listening to her words and chatting and talking to her.
  • Fulfill her requests within the limits of what is available and apologize for what he cannot meet in an elegant manner.
  • Presenting gifts to her, and it is not a condition that these gifts be expensive, but it is sufficient that they express love, loyalty, and the husband’s desire for ten years.
  • Involve the wife in matters of family life and take her advice and opinion on what the family and children are exposed to.

How do I know that my husband hates me

Love or the basis for the survival of homes and the continuation of ten between a man and a woman, and in the case of lack of love, marital life can also go out of favor, intimacy and courtship, but if hate enters the relationship between the spouses, it spoils it and there is no possibility for it to continue at that, and one of the signs that may indicate the beginning of the infiltration of hatred To the relationship between spouses include:

  • Neglect and abandoning the desire to direct blame and admonition to the wife, as it was said admonition is evidence of love between the two.
  • Stay away from the wife, whether in terms of speech or in terms of physical contact.
  • Fabricate problems and blame and admonish the wife every time.
  • Directing hurtful words to the wife and deliberately embarrassing her in front of people and the family environment.
  • Hitting, cursing, and direct insult to a woman are signs of a man’s hatred for her, especially if it is repeated.

How do I know that my husband does not love me?

It is not necessary for the husband to hate his wife to change his feelings and change his life with her. Rather, the husband may lose his love for his wife and at the same time he does not hate her. The following are signs by which the wife can know that her husband does not love her:

  • The husband’s lack of respect for his wife, his care for her feelings, and the eagerness to please her.
  • Neglecting to ask about the wife when she is sick or tired, and not appreciating the hardships she faces in raising children and caring for the home.
  • Increasing the distances between the spouses and the husband’s psychological and physical separation from his wife.

We got to know the answer to how do I know that my husband is texting someone else, and we learned about how a woman knows that her husband is messaging someone else via WhatsApp or talking to someone else, as well as how a woman knows that her husband truly loves her and how she knows that he hates her or does not want her, and how the wife deals with the husband if she is sure that he knows another woman.


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