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The words of a person you love and he does not know is what we will discuss through the lines and paragraphs of our current article, as there are many words that can be said in that case. And the beautiful words that are said about the person we love without him knowing increase the chance of love and raise the levels of feelings in the relationship. Through the reference website, the visiting brother can get to know a bouquet of the most beautiful phrases for a person you love and he does not know and a bouquet of the most beautiful words for the lover.

Words for someone you love and he doesn’t know

There are many words that come from the heart to touch the heart of the person we love without knowing, as these words come out loaded with large amounts of poetic and tenderness, including:

  • Some people are sent by God to us to be one of the blessings that last with praise. Praise be to God for the blessing of your presence in my life. You are the person who fades sorrows in his proximity and sweet moments when his presence.
  • Love is one of the feelings that impose its control over the rest of the emotions to submit to it with the power of the sword and insomnia. Love is the beautiful feeling that we feel when we are close to our loved ones, and this feeling has always been present in your proximity.
  • May God bless your kind heart, your cheerful spirit and your noble sense, as long as I praise and thank God for the blessing of having a human being to whom I can go out with my brokenness and sorrows without fear or shame. May God bless you in that beautiful soul.
  • The words dance in my throat and the heart dances to their beat, pushing them to reach your heart, you are the girl that heart has been waiting for for years and years, you are the beach that I always dreamed of throwing the fires of my longing on.
  • Words of love are not enough to describe the size of those feelings that dominate my heart when you leave, all people in the world are unable to fill the void left by your presence in my life, is this love, or is it passion!
  • Love is not a game for adults nor a song for young people, love is the history of man whose heart is drawn on his leaves like a bird soaring through forests of joy, you are the human that the heart has been waiting for for years, I love you.
  • Hearts fast for years and years, and end their fast with a look, my love, you are the one who dances the days near her and the hours sweeten in the sea of ​​her love, you may not know, but the sound of the cry of love in my heart exceeded my ability to bear.

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Long words for someone you love

Words and vocabulary are long and unable to draw a clear form for those feelings that reside in the heart, love is one of the reasons for a happy life when we choose the right one, and in the person we love, we can say:

  • Even if the words are long, even if the letters of love are played on the strings of the violins, even if the sun rises from the west and sets life from the sky of our land, I will continue to love you from the moment you were born until death.
  • The love that resides in my heart is yours, the pulse that overflows in all my pillars is yours, this body with its fatigue, insomnia, fear, safety and contradiction is yours, every year and you are the lover who rests under his wounded hands.
  • Those letters are powerless and if I try, unable to convey that voice that cries out in my heart to meet you, the beloved of the heart, you and the secret of life that pushes me forward, there is no turning back from the time of your heart.
  • The wonderful are like precious stones, we are incapable of making them, but our hearts are professional to search for them to keep them forever, so how can a few deficient letters describe the size of those feelings that fly me to you.
  • All the love, all the longing, and all the groans of lovers and the whiffs of nostalgia inhabit my heart whenever my mind is thinking of you, there are no letters capable of describing my self, nor a painter’s brush capable of drawing what nostalgia in me is.
  • My longing for you, which is draining, tires my little heart, I am the little girl who wandered the last longing knight for love, so how is the way to you, O perfume, I am so stubborn in the world to reach it.

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Beautiful phrases for someone you love and he doesn’t know

In the language of perfume and music, these letters and words go to pave the way for that person whom you love, and he does not know anything about the size of that love, and from those phrases we have chosen for you the following package:

  • The expressions of love and nostalgia are those that stand near me, afraid and unable to draw the way to your heart.
  • Beauty, love, music and words, they are all halos running behind you like those floating around Saturn, how can I fly with my earthly heart to that space field of love, how tired we are to hide these feelings from you, I love you.
  • The words rush while carrying themselves, perfumed with the alphabet of the heart, to draw the sweetest pictures in you, you are the girl out of the ordinary, the one who comes from the legends of distant tales, I love you now, and after a thousand years.
  • Love, all love is captive in my heart with my eyes closed, and I hold it in my hands to give it to him, you are the reason for his life and the secret of his pulse, my love from whom I hide my feelings, my love whose soul yearns to be close to her.
  • The words wonder and the vocabulary shouts about the secret of this longing, how can a person long for the person who lives in his heart all the time, how is it that you are the one who lives in my soul more than me, I love you.
  • If all the love in my heart for you is unable to connect you, God does not bless the world nor bless my clumsy heart, my love, you, the one in which choices begin, and stories are sweetened with them, that man who plays in my heart one of the secrets of life.

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Thoughts are sweetened in this, and the heart is masterful in playing the strings of love for the person you love without knowing, so words erupt and vocabulary overflows in an attempt to convey something of feelings, and these words:

  • How is it possible for me to be jealous of you from my heart, from the outpouring of longing that possesses those features when your name is mentioned in my presence, come and save me from myself, for I can only bear to mention your name from my mouth, I love you.
  • The love that inhabits my heart has become captivating me, beautiful, do you know that you have more in my heart than mine, do you know that I love you at a time when I hate myself and my soul that disputes me over you, I love you.
  • I want you now and tomorrow, I want you every day, roses, music and memories, you are the lover for whom nostalgia has risen and the green sea has returned to her in my heart.
  • The height of the miraculousness that happened to me is that you do not know, how can you not know and not see the sparkle of the eye, do not hear the noise of the heart’s screaming whenever I am near you, how can you be silent while my feelings overflow like a volcano without a sound.
  • Love is to always see you in my heart, that’s how I am whenever people sleep, I ran from them to you, to find you in one corner of the heart, in the heart of longing and wearing the crown of the heart over your head, every year and you are my love.
  • I do not love you, because love and its interpretations are incapable of describing the state of nostalgia that plagues my soul the more your drawing appears after me, and the more perfume whiffs from your homes, every year and you are my heart, there is no heart for me but you.

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Words when you yearn for someone you love

As long as nostalgia is an obsession for all lovers, it is the first engine and the last flame that ignites the heart whenever the signs of love overflow, and in this we list to you the following:

  • When I yearn for you, moon girl, I run away from myself, I run through the streets of love and nostalgia, fleeing from your features that choke my heart, I love you in all languages, and there is no way to reach a language capable of drawing the meaning of the love that I carry in my heart to you.
  • Nostalgia, is that love in which we are forced to cry, nostalgia for you is the secret of life with which I whip my soul, I punish my heart for the luxury of longing for you, nostalgia is all the pain that languages ​​have reached.
  • As long as I tried to paint that longing that resides in my heart, I was unable, as long as I tried to fly, to fly away from my despair, from my passion, and from my reproach, you are life and there is no life outside that bright box called nostalgia.
  • I may have lived before now, but I can’t remember a moment before your eyes, how a person’s birth can be with a laugh, or a look, how you can shorten the world, lady of miracles, I love you.
  • You are the sweetheart that the world rushes to run to, you are the armies that I read about in the hidden tales, you are that soldier who escaped from war to give the children a rose and a drink of water, and a tissue for crying.
  • My beloved you, nostalgia has overflowed without me being able to cry, so how can I escape from my helplessness, and from the pain of longing that binds my heart with a lifeline that runs from the heart to you, my love, you and no words are able to draw my love for you.
  • We hide feelings for fear of people, reactions and disappointment, until we reach the zero hour with all courage, you are the lover who lives in my heart, so do not deprive me of the sugar of your love.

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Words for someone you love and he doesn’t love you

You hear the words that are said by way of tears, those letters that wear the dress of tears to travel in the blasphemy journey to no end, and from those words we chose for you the following:

  • Words and letters with which I address the space of the sad heart, how I blame that longing that crossed the distances over fire and thorns, barefoot only from love, and what reached your heart, which is monitored by lovers and weeping.
  • Perhaps the ink was incapable of drawing, so he used the fire of tears and eyeballs, perhaps he would bring you a few words of blame, I am a thousand I love you, I am a thousand I love you, and there are no common denominators that my heart and your heart share.
  • Millions of people are on the surface of the earth and the heart knows nothing but your door, millions of girls who walk on their dreams like a thread of water, and the heart finds nothing but your thread, so how do you reach or reach?
  • Love is one of the types of torment that afflicts a gentle human being. I fought the whole world, and I did not find worse than the feeling of disappointment that draws my heart every time your drawing appeared.
  • Love is people’s enemy and friend, it is the angel of death and the angel of life, love is man’s share of life and his share of fire, so how can my heart be torn apart without your love.
  • The words of love are the warden’s stick, the words of longing are just another interpretation of the pain we suffer without guilt, I would rather you if you were able to exchange this heart for another, I am not blaming I am the master of this longing.

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Poetry for someone you love

Poetry was present in drawing love as no one like it was present, it is the tongue of feelings and the friend of the heart, and perhaps the most beautiful thing the poets said about love, is the following poem:

I will tell you I love you.. when all the old languages ​​of love are over, and the lovers will have nothing left to say.. or do.. then my mission will begin to change the stones of this world.. and to change its architecture.. tree after tree.. planet after planet.. and poem after poem. .. I will tell you I love you .. The distance between your eyes and my notebooks narrows .. The air you breathe passes through my lungs .. And the hand that you put on the car seat becomes my hand .. I will say it, when I am able to evoke my childhood, my horses, my soldiers, and my boats The paper.. and take back the blue time with you on the shores of Beirut.. when you were trembling like a fish between my fingers.. and I covered you, when you slumber, with a sheet of summer stars.. I will tell you I love you.. and ears of wheat until they ripen.. I need you.. and the springs until they explode. And civilization until it is civilized.. and birds until they learn to fly.. and butterflies until they learn to draw.. and I practice prophecy. I need you.. I will tell you I love you.. When the boundaries between you and the poem are completely lost and falling asleep on a writing paper it is not as easy as you imagine. Outside the rhythms of poetry.. Nor to enter into a dialogue with a body. I do not know the direction.. word for word.. syllable by syllable.. I do not suffer from the complex of the educated..

Here we bring you to the end of the article in which we dealt with words for a person you love while he does not know, and we moved through the lines and paragraphs to introduce the most beautiful words that are said to the person we love while he does not know, then the most beautiful phrases about the beloved and phrases about nostalgia and longing, to finally conclude with a poem for someone you love.


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