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Short phrases about the Arabic language that many people of the Dhad language search for, coinciding with the approaching date of the International Day of the Arabic Language, where Arabs and Arabic speakers celebrate this dear day, expressing their pride and pride in their mother Arabic language, as it is one of the Semitic languages ​​that extends deep into The roots of history, and the Arabic language is the language of civilization, tradition, and originality, and it is one of the most widely spread languages ​​on earth. About the Arabic language, and the most beautiful thing that was said about the language of Al-Daad.

The origin of the Arabic language

There have been many sayings about the origin of the Arabic language and its origin throughout history, but many linguists and researchers in history and language that the Arabic language was the language of the Prophet of God Adam in Paradise, and it existed before humans existed on earth, and some scholars went on to say that the Arabic language dates back to Ya`rib ibn Qahtan and that it He was the first to speak Arabic, but some had another opinion, which was that the first person to speak Arabic was Ismail – peace be upon him – and despite the differences of knowledge in this language and its history, they agreed that it is one of the oldest languages ​​in the world at all. It was presented, but it is characterized by rules and controls that are unparalleled in other languages, and the origin of many ancient languages ​​is traced back to Arabic, such as Babylonian, Himyarite, Aramaic and others.[1]

A word about the Arabic language is short

About the Arabic language

Before highlighting short phrases about the Arabic language, we will pass on an overview of the Arabic language, as this great language is one of the oldest Semitic languages ​​in the world. The most widespread language in the world, spoken by more than half a billion people, and it is the largest sub-Semitic language as it contains a mine of words, structures and words is the largest in the world, and the greatness of Arabic increases when we mention that it is closely related to the Islamic religion, as the Holy Qur’an is an Arabic home On the Messenger of God – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – the Arab Ibn al-Arabi, the Sunnah was also Arabic, and it is worth noting that the Arabic language has been mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in many places, and the number of letters of the Arabic language has reached twenty-nine, considering the hamza as one of its letters.

Search for the Arabic language with references

Short phrases about the Arabic language

Arabs sing in their Arabic language the most beautiful short phrases about the Arabic language, and a large number of wonderful words and sentences, trying to express feelings of pride, pride and belonging to Arabism, and trying to give Arabic some of its right of description and appreciation, as it is the great language that brings together millions of people in less than thirty letters From the alphabet, and in the following we will highlight the most beautiful:

  • It is the love alone that we carry in our hearts for a language that carried history, glory and heritage, a language that told us stories of civilization and narrations of eloquence and eloquence, and narrated to us about the tongues of our ancestors and their eloquence with it.
  • Arabic is the tender mother who gathers her children on the most delicate and sweetest linguistic melodies, and does not distinguish between them, as its rules and controls are the same. Arabic is the language of love, feelings, history and civilization.
  • The language of the Arabs, the language of Islam and Muslims, the language of history, civilizations, and many nations that perished and remained, Arabic, the remaining language with a few ancient Semitic languages, is the trust and the message that we have the duty to deliver to our children.
  • Words are powerless despite their abundance, words are helpless despite their abundance, and sentences are lost despite their eloquence in describing Umm Al-Bayan, Umm Al-Balaghah, the owner of the most prolific vocabulary and the largest words, describing Umm Al-Sohr in speech from poetry, prose, literature, the Arabic language and others.
  • The Arabic language is a tool of communication between Arabic-speaking people, and the Arabs have preserved their position by sticking to their language, and they did not weaken until after they abandoned Arabic, and Arabic has maintained its position among the languages ​​of the whole world.

A hadith on the Arabic language

They said in the language of the antid

The Arabic language is one of the oldest and richest languages ​​that has passed on to all mankind, and it is the language of the Qur’an and prayer, and it is one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations. How much attention did they consider the error in it as a defect that denigrates man, and many sayings of the wise and notables were famous in the Arabic language, and what they said in the language of al-Daad are the following:

  • Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, may God be pleased with him, said: “Learn Arabic; It increases virility, and learn Arabic; It is from religion.”
  • Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan said: “Reform your tongues; For a person turns to him as a representative, so he borrows clothes and a beast, and he cannot borrow the tongue, and the beauty of a man is his eloquence.”
  • Al-Thalabi says: “He who loves God loves His Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, and he who loves the Arab Prophet loves Arabs, and he who loves Arabs loves Arabic in which the best books were revealed to the best non-Arabs and Arabs.”
  • Ernest Renan said in The History of Semitic Languages: “That language which surpassed its sisters in the abundance of its vocabulary, the delicacy of its meanings, and its good order, appeared complete without gradation.”
  • In the words of the orientalist Massinon: “Arabic prefers Hebrew and Syriac; Its ability to combine the characteristics of the sublime, and the special features that are represented in the amplitude of its vocal ranges from the farthest throat to beyond the lips, which led to vocal harmony with balance and stability, in addition to the strong link between its words, and every sound of the Arabic language has an attribute and an exit, and a suggestion and significance, And meaning within, and radiation and echo and rhythm.”

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Words about the Arabic language

With what has been explained in short phrases about the Arabic language, wonderful words about the Arabic language will be highlighted, as follows:

  • The Arabic language is called the language of the dhad because the letter dhaad is a unique letter that there is no language in the world that contains it except Arabic, and only the people of the Arabic language can pronounce it.
  • The emergence of Islam increased the interest in the Arabic language and its sciences, so the people of the language devoted themselves to codifying and collecting linguistic sciences, for fear of the overlapping of tongues after the great spread of the Arabs.
  • The Arabic language is the language of brevity that is not boring and the language of generalization that is not boring, and it is the language in which the Qur’an is understood and its expressions and expressions are known.
  • The Iliad is known as the longest poem in the Arabic language, but Imam al-Shafi’i has a poem that collected literature, poetry, science and news, he wrote in world news, in which he mentioned the stories of the prophets and some books of medicine and philosophy. A thousand verses, and Bashir Brahimi also has a poem out of 36,000 verses.
  • The Arabic language is the vessel of civilization and has a wide scope, and it has a deep impact and influence that extends throughout history, and it followed many civilizations and was one of the causes and factors of progress.

The most difficult words in classical Arabic to pronounce

Beautiful phrases about the beauty of the Arabic language

Short phrases about the Arabic language are among the phrases that many people request, to use and circulate among people, out of belonging and love for this Arabic language, and the following are beautiful phrases about the beauty of the Arabic language:

  • The Arabic language possesses the reasons for flexibility, adaptation, and compatibility with all historical developments and changes, so you find ancient literature growing and competing with modern literature in terms of description and expression.
  • The Arabic language is a distinct language different from the rest of the world’s languages, as it is not limited to a specific border or continent, but extends to include all countries and continents, as it is a global language par excellence.
  • The Arabic language will remain our language that we are proud of and love, and we will not replace it with any other language.
  • The Arabic language is the identity of the Arabs, and the Arabs should not abandon it or replace it with any other language, and every Arab should be proud of it, respect it, appreciate it, study it and delve into its depths.
  • The Arabic language is like an ocean that has no resolution, and whoever dives into it and goes deeper, he will find the precious pearls and treasures that he will reap, the like of which he will not see in any other language.

A hadith on the Arabic language

Features of the Standard Arabic language

The Arabic language has many characteristics and characteristics that are only in it, and are not found in other languages ​​around the world. With a short search for the Arabic language, it is necessary to know the advantages of the Arabic language, which will be mentioned in the following:

  • Classical Arabic is characterized by being far from dissonance of words and far from complexity in meaning and pronunciation, and it has a strong verbal composition.
  • Arabic is characterized by the presence of parsing that gives Arabic words and vocabulary a lot of meanings, and it helps in explaining and clarifying the sentence.
  • One of the characteristics and characteristics of Arabic is the existence of the science of prosody, which studies the musical aspect of written speech in Arabic.
  • The Arabic language is characterized by the abundance of its words and the abundance of its vocabulary.
  • What distinguishes Standard Arabic is that it is full of synonyms, as many words give the same meaning.
  • One of the advantages of Arabic is that it is eloquent, eloquent, and far from tautology in order to convey the intended meanings. It is said that rhetoric is brevity, and it is the ability of Arabic to convey ideas in a nutshell.
  • One of the most distinctive things about the Arabic language is that it contains a connotation of sounds that indicate the meanings of words, as the Arabic speaker gives the listener the meaning through the manner of speaking.

Cultural questions about the classical Arabic language and their answers

Holy Quranic verses about the Arabic language

What increased the honor and glorification of the Arabic language is that it was the language of the great Islamic religion, and that God – Glory be to Him and Almighty – revealed His revelation and His words to the Messenger of God – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – in the Arabic language, and it was mentioned in many noble Qur’anic verses, among which we mention the following:

  • He says: {even made it to the Koran Oagamaa said Lula was separated and Arabic verses Ooagama Say is for those who believe guidance and healing and those who do not believe in their ears, which they revere blindness those calling from a distant place}.[2]
  • The Almighty said: {And we already know that they say that only human beings teach it.[3]
  • The Almighty said: and also revealed to you Arab Koran to warn or villages around it, and grinds on a combination no doubt the team in Paradise and the team in hellfire}.[4]
  • The Almighty said: {Thus We have sent it down to an Arabic Qur’an and diverted in it from the threat, that they may fear or be warned.}[5]
  • The Almighty said: {Those are the verses of the clear book. We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an so that you may understand}.[6]

Poetry about the World Arabic Language Day 2021 and the most beautiful poems about the Arabic language

Poetry about the Arabic language

Because the Arabic language is one of the greatest languages ​​throughout the ages, the people of this language sing about it, especially those who are saturated with its beauty, from poets, writers, and eloquent and eloquent people. In the Arabic language, what will be mentioned in the following:

  • A poem about love in the Arabic language:

يَا لِسَانَ الْعُرْبِ هَلَّا *** جُدْتَ مَنًّا بِالْبَيَانِ

س ***حِرَ الْأَلْبَابِ الإَِّلا *** َّنَّهُ سِحْرُ الْمَعَانِي

وًهَبِ الْقَلْبَ ضِيَاءً *** يَتَجَلَّى مِن لْسَانِي

فَيُضِءَ اللَّيْلَ نُورٌ *** وَيْكَأَنْهُ قَمَرَانِ

فَتُرَى الْأُمَّةُ بِشْرً *** فِي دُجَى هَذَا الزَّمَانِ

عَلِّمَنِّي الْقَوْلَ نَهْرًا *** رَاوِيًا أَرْضَ الْأَمَانِي

يَنْصُرُ الْحَقَّ مُبِينًا *** بِكَلامٍ كَالْجُمَانِ

يَهَبُ الْمَظْلُومَ فُلْكًا *** مِاخِرًا بَحْرَ الْهَوَانِ

عَلِّمَنِّي اللَّفْظَ رُمْحًا *** وَعَلَى الطُّغْيَانِ دَانِ

فَيَرَى الْكِلْمَةَ رُعْبًا *** وَسِلَاحُ الْبَطْشِ وَانِ

فَيَرَى بَأْسًا شَدِيدًا *** مِنْ بَيَانٍ كالسِّنَانِ

ع ***لِّمَنِّي الْفِكْرَ حُرًّا *** وَأَبِيًّا ، مَا بِعَانِ

فَيَجُولَ الْفِكْرُ صَفْوًا *** وَكَأَنِّي فِي جِنَانِ

يَنْتَقِي أَحْلَى جَنَاهَا *** مِنْ بُنَيَّاتٍ حِسَانِ

ل ***رُومُ الْعِلْمَ قَوْلًا *** بَلْ كَرُوحِي وَكِيَانِي

وٍحَيَاةٍ فِي نَعِيمٍ *** يَا لَهُ! لِيْسَ بِفَانِ

Hًl turََdُّnْdَnَ jَmَlaً *** مِثْلَ حُسْنٍ فِي الْبَيَانِ؟!

  • Khalil Yazigi’s Poem Happening About the Arabs Until the Non-Arabs Rejoice:

Talk about the Arabs so that the non-Arabs will be happy

Hearing and the one in his ear is deaf

No matter how much you mention to them, it gets better

It also increases if the words are repeated

What are their likenesses in war but their swords?

No, and there is nothing like it but I can handle it

They shot the high, and they got more than what they asked for

And as long as you fell short of the determined student,

He who fears their harm does not approach them

And he who approaches their father-in-law will not fear them

Glory became mean after their glory

وُالسيف وَلرمرححُمَ وُالقطرُاسُ وَالقَلَمُ

Oh love, good days for them have passed

And those are the ruins and the tents

How much we would have desired if we were ahead of them

Until that foot was brought back to us

A novel in which they were diagnosed, so they attended

They pretend that there is a mirror in front of them

She was praised by speaking pens

It is enough that the dumb tongue praised her.

Here we have come to the end of the article with short phrases about the Arabic language, where we talked about the Arabic language and its importance, and got acquainted with the history of its inception, as they mentioned many short phrases and poems about the Arabic language and its greatness and beauty, and we finally mentioned the advantages of the Arabic language and Quranic verses about it.


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