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What are the conditions for admission to the Officers College 1443? The Officers College has set some conditions that must be met by high school graduates for the year 1443, and many students are interested in knowing these conditions because the Officers College is one of the most important security colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and through the reference website We will review the conditions of the Officers College for high school graduates 1443, the method of applying to the Officers College, and all other important relevant information.

Officers College 1443

The Officers College is a government security college that is directly affiliated with the Saudi Ministry of Interior. It was established on December 24, 1935 AD, corresponding to Ramadan 29, 1354 AD. Located on Khurais Road, east of the capital, Riyadh, this university was established with the aim of educating and training students on the security life and on protecting the security and stability of the country. College graduates obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Security Sciences. One academic year consists of two semesters, and each semester consists of 15 weeks. Upon completion of the aforementioned classes, the student obtains a Bachelor of Military Science, after which he has the right to choose any specialization to study in, bearing in mind that the university provides a one-year system, in which the student can study one academic year during which he performs 23 hours to have a qualifying course in Military science. The university aspires to many goals, including:[1]

  • Preparing a qualified security man to maintain the security and safety of the individual and society.
  • Educating the security man by holding specialized rehabilitation courses.
  • Highlighting areas of educational research through the college tracks.
  • Implementation and design of specialized programs in the security field with the aim of serving the community and the country.

Registration in King Fahd Security College for students of the preparatory year 1442

Conditions of the Officers College for High School Graduates 1443

The Officers College has approved the admission requirements for Officers College 1443 to be met by applicants, which are as follows:[2]

  • The applicant must be of Saudi origin and origin.
    • An exception is made for those who grew up with their father while he was serving outside the Kingdom.
  • To be of good standing and conduct.
  • He should not have been convicted of a legal punishment or a crime against honor and honesty.
  • Not to have been expelled from a military college or institute for any reason.
  • The applicant’s age at the start of the academic year, according to the national identity card, should not be less than 17 years, and not more than 22 years.
  • Pass the medical examination, admission tests, personal interview and physical fitness.
  • The applicant must not be married to a foreigner.
  • Pass the tests of the National Center for Measurement, which include:
    • Aptitude tests, achievement, English language proficiency “step”) and any other tests that are set.
  • Be of good conduct.
  • To be not married to a foreigner.
  • Any other conditions set by the college.

  • He must have obtained a high school diploma, according to the following conditions:
    • He is a recent graduate of the same year. Note that graduates from previous years will not be accepted.
    • Obtaining a high school diploma in any track.
    • The applicant must have obtained a high school diploma for the year 1442 with a daytime regular system.
    • The high school certificate must be attested by the Ministry of Education, if it was issued outside the Kingdom.
    • A cumulative average of not less than 80% in high school.
    • Pass the general aptitude test, with a score of no less than 70%.
    • Performing the achievement test for the scientific track or the natural sciences on time.

Conditions for applying to the Officers College for high school graduates 1443

The Officers College has set some controls that must be adhered to by the student, to ensure the acceptance of his application for registration in one of the specializations of the Officers College, as follows:

  • Applications to the Officers College are made through the website only through the ministry’s recruitment platform, and the Absher recruitment platform can be accessed “from here”, no paper application will be accepted.
  • The applicant is fully responsible for the submitted data, as the Ministry of the Interior follows up on the legal procedures against the incorrect applicants.
  • Filling in the data and obtaining the application number does not mean that the student is accepted by the college.
  • Passing the English Language Proficiency Test (STEP) to be determined later for accepted students.
  • Notification of accepted applicants is initially done through the (Absher) recruitment platform, in addition to official media channels such as e-mail and text messages.
  • Students’ scores in the aptitude and achievement test are recognized automatically, as they are automatically linked with the National Center for Measurement.
  • The student’s data must be accurately entered in the fields designated for this.
  • Applications that do not meet the requirements will be canceled, and any application providing false information, when filling out the registration application, will be disqualified.

Conditions of King Fahd Security College for University Students 1442

Documents required for admission to the Officers College 1443

The following papers and supporting documents must be submitted upon initial admission to the Officers College:

  • A copy of the student’s national identity card.
  • Birth certificate copy.
  • A copy of the student’s academic record.
  • A copy of the personal status card.
  • (6) Recent photos.
  • Copy of privilege certificates for medical specialties, sealed by the competent authorities.

How to apply to the Officers College for high school graduates 1443

A student who has fulfilled the conditions and criteria for admission to the Officers College for high school graduates can register through the Absher Employment platform, and this is done electronically according to a set of steps, namely:

  • Entering the official website of the Absher recruitment platform “from here”.
  • Click on (available jobs) where it is located in the main menu.
  • Click on Click here at the bottom of the page, next to Apply for jobs
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and click on submit the application as shown in the image below.
  • Enter all required data, including:
    • Write down the ID number.
    • Enter the date of birth with the day, month and year.
    • Determine the gender of the applicant, male or female.
    • Determine the marital status of the applicant.
    • Write down the father’s ID number.
  • Press OK.
  • Complete the correct entry of the required personal data, namely:
    • Write the place of birth, occupation category and the mobile number of the applicant.
    • Determining the nationality of the applicant.
    • Enter the place of residence in the neighborhood, street and city.
    • Write the applicant’s height in centimeters.
  • Press next and save.
  • Writing job application data and educational qualifications, including:
    • Specialization type High school diploma.
    • The exact specialization is literary or scientific, depending on the secondary certificate.
    • High school diploma source.
    • Determine the year of graduation of the applicant.
    • Graduation rate and appreciation.
    • Add information if the applicant has an educational qualification higher than high school.
      • Write the qualification specialization, if any.
    • Click on Add Academic Qualification.
    • Enter data and measurement results.
  • Click on submit an application.
  • Keep and print the applicant’s application number, then click Finish.

The majors required at King Fahd Security College 1442

Required majors in the Officers College

The Officers College or King Fahd Security College clarified the disciplines required for enrollment in the college, which are:

  • Medicine specialties.
  • Pharmacy majors.
  • Dental specialties.
  • Majors in the Faculty of Arts: It includes specializations, which are:
    • Arabic language literature.
    • Library archives and documents.
  • Sharia and Islamic Studies: It includes:
    • the invitation.
    • Islamic Law.
    • Contemporary doctrines.
    • Languages ​​and translation.
  • Applied Medical Sciences: It includes a number of specializations, including:
    • medical equipments.
    • ophthalmologist.
    • nutrition specialist.
    • rays.
    • Medical labs.
  • Engineering, in the following departments, including:
    • Electronics Engineering.
    • Engine and Vehicle Technology.
    • the industrial engineering.
    • architecture.
    • electrical engineering.
    • Chemical Engineering.
    • civil engineering.
    • architecture.
    • Mechanical engineering.
  • Faculty of Science specializations: in the following fields:
    • Biology.
    • geology.
    • Physics.
    • Chemistry.
    • environment Science.
  • Specialization in Social Sciences: in the following departments and fields:
    • Social Service.
    • Psychologist.

Specializations of King Fahd Security College for Secondary

The college also offers some specializations available for high school graduates, including:

  • Health specialties.
  • Medical specialties.
  • Specializations in Business Administration.
  • Major in translation.
  • Majoring in engineering, including electrical, civil, industrial and agricultural engineering.
  • Specializations of Islamic Sharia.
  • Arts and Education majors.
  • Media specializations.

Employment fields after graduation at the Officers College 1443

Graduates from the Officers College enjoy some jobs in one of the sectors of the Ministry of Interior, which are:

  • Public Security (Police – Traffic – Road Security – Security Patrols – Diplomatic Security – Hajj and Umrah Security)
  • Special Emergency Forces.
  • special forces.
  • General Investigation.
  • Civil Defense.
  • General Directorate of Passports.
  • King Fahd Security College.
  • Office of the Ministry.
  • Anti-drug.
  • border guards.
  • Directorate General of Prisons.
  • Facilities security forces.
  • Environmental Security Special Forces

Officers College salaries for high school graduates after graduation 1443

The salaries of graduates of the King Fahd Security College for Officers vary according to rank, number of years of service and place of service. These salaries are as shown below:

Rank The salary of a lieutenant ranging between (8,000 – 9,000 SAR) and a first lieutenant (10,000 SAR) as a major basic salary, 11750 SAR as a basic salary. The lieutenant colonel’s salary is 12735 Saudi riyals. The basic salary of a colonel is 14,365 Saudi riyals. The basic salary for the brigadier is not less than 16,350 Saudi riyals. The basic salary for the major general (18,600 Saudi riyals) is a basic salary.

Cases of rejection of applications to King Fahd Security College

The Admission and Registration Committee at King Fahd Security College clarified the cases in which the application is canceled, which are highlighted in the following lines:

  • To prove that the student is not fit as an officer for reasons attributed to his weak leadership personality, according to the opinion of his commanders in the military hierarchy.
  • If the student did not enjoy medical fitness during the study period.
  • If the student has been absent for more than (15) consecutive days from attending the college, without an acceptable excuse.
  • Submitting a personal request for exemption by the student himself, provided that the reasons are understood by the college leadership.
  • If the student loses one of the admission clauses stipulated in the Military Colleges Regulations.
  • In the event of a student failing for two consecutive years, bearing in mind that the College Council can grant a third chance to a student who is in his graduation year.

Ways to communicate with King Fahd Security College

King Fahd Security College provides many different ways of communication with the university, which are as follows:

  • Phone number: 0112464444 Ext.: 3893.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • The King Fahd Security College website account via Twitter: It can be accessed directly “from here”.
  • The King Fahd Security College for Officers website account via Snapchat: It can be accessed “from here”.

Link to inquire about the results of the submission of the Officers College 1443

King Fahd College made it possible to inquire about the student’s results in the initial registration applications, through the Absher Employment platform of the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia, where the student can inquire about the result directly “from here”, and enter the required data to obtain the result.

King Fahd Security College Official Link

King Fahd Security College provides a website, through which students and faculty members affiliated with the university can enjoy all the electronic services provided by the college, by entering the official website directly “from here”, and choosing the desired service with ease and effortlessly.

With this, we bring you to the conclusion of our article, the conditions for admission to the Officers College 1443, and we explained through it all the controls and documents that must be available in applying to the Officers College, and we mentioned the method of registration in the College of Application through the Absher platform, and we moved to show the specializations available at King Fahd College.


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