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The most beautiful thing that was said on the International Day of the Arabic Language in celebration of that occasion dear to the hearts of all Arabs who speak this language, which God Almighty has honored by carrying the message of the Noble Qur’an, and being the language of Islamic law for all human beings, a special day has been adopted during which the light is shed on the language Arabic, being one of the most widespread Semitic languages ​​on earth, and being one of the official languages ​​that have been adopted at the United Nations, and through the reference website, we are pleased to share that memory and to put forth phrases about World Arabic Language Day 2021 that include the most beautiful between its lines What was said on the International Day of the Arabic Language.

The occasion of the International Day of the Arabic Language

It is one of the official celebration occasions that have been approved by the United Nations, where the date of the International Day of the Arabic Language in the year 2021 AD will be on Saturday, December 18, 2021 AD, corresponding to the date of the 14th of Jumada al-Awwal / 1443 AH. On the basis of the International Charter of the United Nations, which expressed the importance of the Arabic language and the need to celebrate it globally, given that it is one of the most widely spread Semitic languages ​​on Earth, the date of the eighteenth of December was chosen because it was the day on which the Arabic language was officially adopted at the United Nations. As one of the world’s primary and official languages.[1]

It is worth noting that the occasion of the International Day of the Arabic Language is received by the people of the language in a special way, and in the midst of a wide number of cultural events that make this global event the focus of everyone’s attention, as the Arabic language starts in its importance from being a Semitic and ancient language, and contains a wide number of The fields that guarantee its writers creativity, it is the language of poetry, prose and story, and the Arabic language has a global balance in these innovations throughout the ages, and humanity has participated in success and discovery, as the Arabic language contains millions of books printed in its language, which occupies a global position in number.

The most beautiful thing said on the International Day of the Arabic Language

There are many sayings that were recounted on the occasion of the International Day of the Arabic Language, as it is the link that unites Arabism from the frustrated to the Gulf, and it is the last line of defense for that common history, and its sons addressed them on this day in distinct terms, most notably:

  • My beloved language, it is that truth that shines on us like the sun every day, it is that link from which only every coward hides. Our language is our history, our past and our identity, so every year and the Arab nation is fine and peaceful.
  • If the preservation was on the security of the Arabs, the language would be lost and the identity would be lost, but God Almighty has honored that language with admiration, and made it remain until the Day of Judgment as a carrier of His message and the cause of Islam.
  • On this dear day, we would like to bless for ourselves that Arabic tongue with which we love to speak, with which we tell tales about the glory and history of a nation that fought its enemies to reach legitimate peace.
  • The message of the Arabic language to the world is a message of peace, a message of dignity and coexistence. Happy New Year from the Arab nation to all parts of the world, our language is our identity.
  • Language is not random letters lining up in a wheel to form words, but rather souls transmitted with those letters, a great history of glory and construction, and a nation’s journey from the desert to civilization, every year and you are fine, our Arab nation.
  • The Arabic language is one of the world’s treasures that we have to treat with admiration, as it has given its children the space that no other language has given it.

The importance and status of the Arabic language

The most beautiful phrases on the International Day of the Arabic Language

The people of the Arabic language are mobilized by this special day, in which the light is shed on their language, which represents their identity, history and love for grandparents and fathers. The eyes are filled with tears and the language overflows with the most beautiful phrases and words that are circulated through communication platforms, and we have chosen for you the following:

  • What a language of glory and history, a language that defended its children as knights defend their families, our Arabic language that fought all forms of cultural colonialism and remained cross-border despite its division.
  • Our Arabic language is our present and our past, it is the souls of our ancestors that we squeeze with longing, love and admiration for it.
  • The International Day of the Arabic Language is unable to fulfill that language its right, as it needs months and years, as it is the full pearl and it is the sea that contains pearls and coral, so Happy New Year, my language.
  • We celebrate in the Arabic language as the son celebrates in the joy of his father, as the father celebrates in the joy of his sons, as it is one of the family members, but rather it is the home to which the masses of researchers seeking their history reside.
  • The International Day of the Arabic Language is the day we highlight the importance and beauty of the language, as it is one of the precious treasures that God has bestowed upon us.
  • The Arabic language made room for all kinds of arts. It is the language of singing and writing, the language of music and dialogue, the language of love and longing, the language that drew nostalgia for homelands and history just as it did not paint any other language.

Cultural questions about the classical Arabic language and their answers

The most beautiful words on the International Day of the Arabic Language

The Arabic language brings together the diaspora of an entire nation, and is characterized by flexibility and renewal, and that it is the language that suits all historical stages, and suits the present and the future.

  • Our Arabic language is one of the dear pages of history with which we fought nations, and with which we shared success and pride with the world. It is the language that has always been present in all global epics with the artist’s brush and painter’s pen.
  • On the International Day of the Arabic Language, we feel that blessing that we speak of, and we thank God Almighty for the blessing of Arabism and belonging to the sect that God has bestowed upon us by choosing, worthy of fulfilling the fidelity of the last religious message.
  • A person who evades his language is nothing but an empty human being, without a past or history, and self-respect cannot be reached without knowing the history and civilization that bears the highest human morals.
  • Love is good, in letters from our Arabic language, and good greetings and congratulations, as it is the broadest language that has always allowed its children to be able to draw whatever pictures they want.
  • The language of the Arabs is the language of Islam, through which souls transcend and hearts fly to their Creator in an atmosphere of love, warmth and giving, and if there was a language capable of that, God would have chosen it instead of Arabic.
  • Happy New Year, sons of the Arab nation, I ask God Almighty to bless your language and increase you in the means of connection and communication, and that your bodies cross borders and barriers as you crossed that language without inspection.

Poetry about the World Arabic Language Day 2021 and the most beautiful poems about the Arabic language

The most beautiful thing that celebrities said on International Arabic Language Day

Proceeding from being one of the world’s Semitic languages, a large number of world famous people addressed this global occasion with the most beautiful words and vocabulary, in which they expressed the truth of the Arabic language and the strength of its global presence. The most prominent sayings were as follows:

  • The Arabic language suddenly began to be very perfect, and this is the strangest thing that happened in human history, as it has neither childhood nor old age, (French writer Ernest Renan).

  • Arabic is a complete, endearing and wonderful language, its words almost depict scenes of nature, and its words represent dangers of souls, and its meanings are almost evident in the bells of words, as if its words are steps of conscience, heartbeats and tones of life, (Dr. Abdullah Azzam).

  • The superiority of the Qur’an is known only to one who knows the words of the Arabs, knows linguistics, Arabic science, and eloquence, and looks at Arab poetry, sermons, and contracts in the areas of their pride, and their messages. (Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah from the book Al-Fawad, which is interesting to the sciences of the Qur’an, p. 7).

  • Classical Arabic owes to this day its global status essentially to this established fact, which is that it has been established in all Arab and Islamic countries as a linguistic symbol for the unity of the Islamic world in culture and civilization. Its dominant position, and if the signs are true and the evidence is not wrong, then Arabic will retain this future position as it is the language of Islamic civilization. (Johann Feck, German undercover).

  • People were not ignorant, and they differed only because they left the tongue of the Arabs, and their inclination to the tongue of Aristotle Thales. He also said: No one knows from the clarification of the sentences of the knowledge of the Book, who is ignorant of the broadness of the Arab tongue, the multiplicity of its faces, and the summation and superiority of its meanings. And whoever knows it, the resemblance that entered into the ignorance of her tongue is removed from him. Imam al-Shafi’i, may God have mercy on him).

  • The Arabic language is the best of languages ​​and tongues, and the desire to understand it from the religion, and if it was not for the knowledge of its characteristics and the identification of its course and its expenses and the delving into its great and its minorities only the strength of certainty in the knowledge of the Qur’anic miracles, and increasing the insight in the proof of prophecy, which is the pillar of the whole matter, it would suffice with them to improve its impact. And good in both homes its fruit. (Al-Thalabi)

A short word about the Arabic language

Phrases about the Arabic language for children

The International Day of the Arabic Language directs its targeting of children, as parents must introduce their children to this distinctive phenomenon that carries with it the history and glory of the nation, through many years of steadfastness and survival, and the most prominent of what is said:

  • The occasion of the International Day of the Arabic Language is the ideal occasion in which we teach children the importance of this language and the need to adhere to it, based on a deep Arab-Islamic history.
  • The Arabic language has lived with us for many years, as it is the mother tongue that nurtured its children to become what we are today in terms of engineers, doctors and teachers, which we must preserve and re-instill in children.
  • We congratulate our Arab nation on the occasion of the International Day of its language, and we are pleased to strengthen the hands of children, the protectors of language in the future, and the protectors of religion and belief, on which our Arabic language has focused.
  • The way to reach a tolerant Islamic faith is by introducing it into the Arabic language, for it is the gateway to Islam and religion that God Almighty has chosen to be the one who carries it among His letters, and this is what we have to make clear to children.
  • Twenty-eight letters of the Arabic language were enough to create the greatest paintings and reach the ranks of the international prizes for literature, in story, poetry, prose and novel, with its arts, every year and you are fine, my language.
  • Language is the identity that man carries between his two sides, and it is the rooted truth despite cases of distortion and colonial attack, so we must stand next to our language in the first steps to restore glory and history.

A poem and verses about the International Day of the Arabic Language

The most beautiful thing said on the International Day of the Arabic Language via Twitter

Through Twitter, many language learners celebrate their International Day with great joy and happiness, expressing their gratitude for those twenty-eight letters that gather the history of their children, and the most prominent of what was said:

  • The International Day of the Arabic Language is the occasion on which the people of that language must wake up, for it is one of the treasures of the world that its children neglected and followed other languages, for the language is the identity.
  • We must stand with the details of the International Day of the Arabic Language with the utmost love and admiration.
  • Our language is the true identity of our history and heritage that is full of originality and values. There is no language that contains advice and morals the size of what our mother tongue contained, and there is no common history that connects scattered peoples the size of the history of the Arabic language.
  • It is incumbent upon all the sons of the Arab nation to celebrate this honorable day, for it is a day in which the Arab person expresses his sadness and joy at the same time, the joy of language that unites, and the sadness of borders that divide.
  • My letters cannot express the feelings of love and admiration that dominate me on the occasion of this dear international day, as it is a day of praise for the Arabic language and proving its global presence.
  • On the International Day of the Arabic Language, we must stress the importance of Arab unity and the common bonds that cannot be escaped, and stressing adherence to the common history of Arabism.

Phrases about the Arabic language ready to print

The best of what was said on the International Day of the Arabic Language is ready for printing

These words are printed to be hung on school walls in the classes of the education stages, as these stages celebrate the World Language Day in appreciation of those gigantic efforts, and the most beautiful of what was said:

  • The Arabic language is Arab history, the Islamic reference, and the Arab man’s window to glory and civilization, so stick to your language.
  • There is no national identity and no history for everyone who does not have a language, so be glad for the future, people of the Arabic language.
  • The Arabic language is one of the great treasures of the world, which contains all kinds of arts, poetic colors, and others. It is our treasure, so let us preserve it.
  • The connection of man to his history and his dignity increases, the more he learns about the language of his fathers and grandfathers, so congratulations to you, O children of God, the Arabic language.
  • Happy new year, my beautiful language, every year and you are the good with which we draw closer to God every year.
  • The Arabic language is the gateway to the Islamic religion, and God Almighty has honored it by carrying that trust.
  • May God bless the efforts of teachers and students, and happy new year on the occasion of the International Day of the Arabic Language.

Here we bring you to the end of the article in which we dealt with the most beautiful of what was said on the International Day of the Arabic Language and moved through its lines and paragraphs so that the reader brother might know the occasion of the Arabic language and the most beautiful what was said about the Arabic language on this special occasion, and the sayings of famous people about the Arabic language to conclude Finally, with a set of short, ready-to-print sayings about the Arabic language.


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